Commercial contracts

At COS Construction, we have successfully built strong relationships in every construction area; by sharing our expertise, we can cover all aspects of your work program quickly and effectively. COS Construction will organise and cost your entire project to suit the client’s budget, from liaising between clients and site operators to working alongside architects, surveyors, suppliers, and manufacturers.

COS Construction is constantly evolving and dedicated to using the most up-to-date technology developed internally and externally, allowing us to run our projects smoothly and safely.

Our technology allows us to plan, monitor, budget, 3D walkthroughs, H&S monitoring, compliance, and quality assurance monitoring. This allows for clear communication throughout our business from people within the office, site teams and clients, enabling our work to run smoothly.

No matter the size or scale of your project, COS Construction is here to assist you.

Get in touch with us today to request a survey, a free quote, or simply to seek friendly advice.