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COS Construction offers specialised cladding painting across the UK, enhancing the durability of commercial exteriors affordably. They conduct thorough site surveys, provide clear costings, and use safe access methods to minimise business disruption. Choose COS for reliable, budget-conscious cladding maintenance that safeguards against wear and tear, with a variety of colour options and full compliance with UK health and safety standards.

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Wall Cladding Coatings

COS Construction is a nationwide contractor specialising in external cladding painting. We understand the importance of regular maintenance to prolong the life of commercial buildings.

Our range of high-performance coatings offers cost-effective solutions for the maintenance of steel and cladding substrates. Whether you’re planning a repaint as part of a maintenance program or rebranding, you can trust COS Construction to deliver the most efficient and affordable results.

Our surveyors will assess the condition of your cladding and provide a detailed breakdown of costs in their quotation. We utilise various access equipment, such as cherry pickers, scissors lifts, aluminium towers, and scaffolding, to ensure safe access to the work area.

We recognise that your business operations must continue uninterrupted during the refurbishment process. That’s why we prioritise trustworthiness, flexibility, and minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. Our experienced team at COS Construction understands the importance of staying on time and on budget, working around your schedule to deliver quality results.

Reasons to choose COS Construction for your external cladding painting needs:

  • Painting will extend your cladding’s longevity
  • More cost-effective than replacing the cladding entirely
  • Minimal disturbance to your business processes
  • Protection against atmospheric, chemical, and mechanical deterioration
  • Wide range of colour options available (BS and RAL)
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee available
  • Our Health and Safety Manager will provide comprehensive paperwork specific to your project, including a thorough on-site risk assessment
  • All work is carried out by fully insured, HSE-compliant teams

No matter the size or scale of your project, COS Construction is here to assist you.

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