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COS Construction proudly offers commercial and industrial wall cladding solutions throughout the UK. Our team of highly skilled professionals handles numerous wall cladding projects nationwide, wherever our expertise is required.
Regardless of your business’s location, our team at COS Construction is ready to support your wall cladding project. Our contractors will provide you with a completely customised installation, utilising materials from industry-leading suppliers.
We understand that wall cladding is just as crucial as roof cladding in protecting your building. That’s why we strive to deliver a tailored solution that ensures your industrial or commercial wall cladding is both high-quality and cost-effective.

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Tailored Wall Cladding Solutions

Our team of contractors specialises in the installation of single skin, twin skin, and composite panel wall cladding designs, depending on your specific requirements. We take into consideration protective properties and budget limitations for each unique project.

Overlaying wall cladding sheets over existing materials not only adds a moisture control feature but also prevents internal damage. By enhancing corrosion resistance and insulation, your business benefits from a stronger building, minimizing safety risks and repair expenses.

Moreover, our wall cladding designs can enhance the appearance of your building envelope, turning a basic structure into a visually appealing unit. With our extensive experience, we guarantee exceptional results on every industrial and commercial wall cladding project.

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Diverse Range of Wall Cladding Options

Whether you need wall cladding for a retail unit, warehouse, or any other type of building, COS Construction offers a wide variety of options to choose from, including:

  • Metal wall cladding
  • Plastic wall cladding
  • Micro-rib wall cladding
  • Site-rolled architectural panels

You can also opt for wall cladding coatings to provide additional or renewed protection. These coatings are available in a vast array of colours, offering an impressive architectural aesthetic upgrade.

We can perform complete strip and renewal services or apply an overclad wall cladding system. For more complex refurbishments, we offer rainscreen wall cladding, an ideal investment for improving air circulation without compromising on water ingress.

If your existing roof cladding sheets require recoating to restore protection against outdoor elements, we also provide roof cladding coatings. Using efficient spray systems, we apply coatings from trusted suppliers, available in various colours.


No matter the size or scale of your project, COS Construction is here to assist you.

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