grey iron roof

Cladding panels on the roofs or elevations of commercial buildings can suffer from cut-edge corrosion. Cladding This is because sections are cut to size in a factory setting to fit a building, and sometimes the cut edges are not coated correctly, or they are exposed to adverse weather conditions for too long.

Cut Edge Corrosion can affect metal cladding when the factory coating at the edges of the panel fails. Consequently, the exposed metal substrate is prone to rusting and corrosion.

Most cases occur on roof cladding. If spare time is, the cut edge can cause leaks within the building, leading to increased maintenance costs.

With our experience at COS Construction, we can assess the extent of any damage and prevent further degradation of the panel by thoroughly preparing it before re-coating.

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Our technology allows us to plan, monitor, budget, 3D walkthroughs, H&S monitoring, compliance, and quality assurance monitoring. This allows for clear communication throughout our business from people within the office, site teams and clients, enabling our work to run smoothly.

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